Privacy Information

The information kept by BBQ Sheriff is stored in a local database on your device and includes the information shown on screen by BBQ Sheriff. BBQ Sheriff and its database can be backed up using iTunes, iCloud and other sharing devices such as DropBox. This means that a copy of the application and database may reside on your computer, in your iCloud account and in other sharing devices such as DropBox, in addition to residing on your device. Software using iTunes, iCloud or other sharing devices such as DropBox may be subject to Apple’s privacy policies. The application also uses Google’s AdMob advertising and is subject to its privacy policy. No information kept in BBQ Sheriff is knowingly sent to Google by the application. BBQ Sheriff does not use Google’s Firebase analytics platform.

If “Enable DeBug Email” is activated under Apple settings, shaking the device (if you have email setup on your device) will instruct BBQ Sheriff to compose a bug report email for you to send to the developers. This email contains the BBQ Sheriff log, a screen grab of the current view, information about your device including a unique identifier, a copy of the current contest data and a place for you to describe your problem. The BBQ Sheriff log may contain information that you have entered in addition to internal information generated by BBQ Sheriff. The email is not sent automatically, meaning you must manually tap the ‘Send’ button. You may edit or delete any of the information in the email prior to sending it. More information about the unique identifier can be found by searching the internet for “UIDevice” and “identifierForVendor”.

Except as noted above, BBQ Sheriff does not knowingly send any of the information in the application or database to anyone including ourselves.